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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Staff Appreciation Cards

Happy Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day! I've been very busy working on a project for the staff at my son's school, on behalf of the PTA. Last year, Michele posted photos for a gorgeous project she made for the staff at her school. Here is her post. Don't those cupcakes look yummy??!!


I followed the same idea as Michele, cutting a slit to hold the flowers. I stamped the sentiment using a combination of Big and Bold Wishes and one of the Year of Flower set, combined with the flourish from Mat Stack 2 Collection. I also used Year of Flowers: Carnation (thanks, Cindi!!!).


This is what I came up with for the inside. We are honoring all the staff at our school, since we have many teachers, para-educators and other staff; and they all play such a huge role in our kids's lives!


I found the water tubes at
Save on Crafts
and got the carnations at a local wholesale floral distributor.


That basket is only half of what I made! In total, there are about 110. I'm looking forward to delivering these tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!


Denise said...

They are so beautiful and love all the work you put into them. Your school PTA is so lucky to have you.

Cindy Holshouser said...

Wow they are beautiful. You did a great job.

IamDerby said...

Wow so much work! I only made like 25 I think and I was soooo DONE! LOL You did a beautiful job, I hope the teachers appreciate your efforts

Lee said...

These are really beautiful. I'm sure the teachers are going to appreciate them.

LittleSurferGirl said...

Wow, Melissa! These are great! I only had to make 7! I guess that may change next year since I'll be on the PTA board...I better get started! They all turned out beautifully!

Sue Ann said...

Mel you did a fantastic job with these cards!!! PERFECT!!

Diane Jaquay said...

Wow Melissa, these are AWESOME!

B said...

These are amazing! Love it

Unknown said...

Wow, so beautiful Melissa! love the flowers, I am sure the teachers will love it!

Aimes said...

Oh these are so sweet! Makes me wish I taught at your son's school ;D

Mara Campbell said...

Oh my goodness, Melissa. These are absolutely fabulous!!! What a labor of love, I am sure everybody loved them!

Niki Estes said...

These are so pretty, Melissa! I bet they loved them!