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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let's Party!

Today I'm sharing all the birthday things I created at the end of July for my daughter's 4th birthday party. We held the party in a "train" party room, and took a ride on a historic minuature train in a local park. Kennedy is a girl of varied tastes: she likes cars, trains, dolls, princesses--but all in pink! So, her pink train birthday party was born!

Here's a look at her invites: pink, with more pink, of course!
Kennedy 4th bday invite
Thank you notes, style #1: (and these are actually all in the mail, too!!)

Thank you notes, style #2:

Banner, of which I made three for the party:

100_7306 c

You'll notice I added the little lion from Tiny Treats, well Kennedy is never without her "Mr Lion" (her stuffed animal, aka our third child), so I knew she be thrilled if I included him on her birthday banners. The scale worked perfectly!

Goodie bags (they were looking much less wrinkled several weeks ago, LOL):

And little Miss Pinkalicious herself (with her new pink rollerskates):

I want to say a huge, huge thank you to Deb who lent me her Train Tracks stamp set! It was a fun birthday for our little girl.

Let me know if you have any supply questions...


Joyce said...

OMG--I actually sighed out loud when I saw all the cute pink train stuff. So wonderful. Everything is so super cute, including your daughter in all her pinkness. I'm a bit jealous, since my youngest is violently allergic to all things pink (she'd go for the trains, however). What a sweet ensemble.

Anita said...

Soo cute! Did you cut those trains out by hand or did you use a digital cutter? It all looks so perfect!

Denise said...

Wow, Melissa - mom of the year! I wish I could be so organized to complete so many things!! The pink trains are darling... I especially love the treat bags. Miss. Pinkness, Kennedy, gets the super cute award... what a doll!

Mara Campbell said...

Oh wow, what an amazing setup!!! I just love the invites, especially the cupcakes on the train. TOO cute!! And the banner is fabulous. She looks soooo great with her new skates!! Great party, mom!

IamDerby said...

Super cute Melissa!

Danielle Flanders said...

Awww...this picture is so sweet. And brings back good memories of when I was little - I had some skates just like that that would clip on - gosh, how I loved those!