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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Teacher Notecard Gift Sets

Hello! I haven't posted in over three weeks! Lately, I've been feeling like blogging is a lot of work....but I think it's just the business of the end of the school year talking. I have been making a ton of stuff, though!

Tomorrow is my son's last day of kindergarten. What an amazing year it's been! He has grown so much: physically, academically and emotionally. I give most of that credit to his great school and all his wonderful teachers. They are so important and I wanted to let them know that they are appreciated, so I made them each a unique notecard set. I'll share the gift sets for all his "specials" teachers today (PE, music, art, etc) and will post again tomorrow with two more sets for his homeroom teacher and paraeducator.

First up are the notecards for our music teacher:

I used a Royal Velvet base for each notecard and stamped a music strip (Waltzingmouse Stamps) on the bottom of each white layer using Tuxedo Black ink. The "just a note" sentiment comes from Postmarks.


Next, is the set for our PE teacher.


For these, I stamped three balls from "Have a Ball", masking a bit, and coloring the basketball with Copics. I left off a sentiment on these.


Each tag hanging from the card box was stamped with "thanks for all you do" from Mat Stack 2 Collection (or is it Mat Stack 1???)

We have the most amazing Media Specialist...anytime I come in for an evening meeting she is still there working!


This set was stamped with images and a saying from All Booked Up.


For her notecards, there are stamped envelopes with the open book image. A fun touch that I usually forget to add :)

My son's class also has an devoted ESOL teacher who comes in daily to work with the ESOL students. Although she doesn't work one-on-one with my son, I still wanted her to know that she is appreciated!


And the last set for today is probably my favorite! My son adores art class and his art teacher!


I decided not to color the paintbrushes on the tag, as the Copics would bleed through.


Thanks for taking a look at my gigantic, photo-heavy post today!

Hope you are enjoying your last days of school, or the beginnings of summer!


Stimey said...

Melissa, these are fantastic! Your specials teachers are so lucky to have you guys!

I am also lucky to have you because you reminded me (at midnight the night before the last day of school) that I should probably write out the teacher cards I have sitting on my desk. THANK YOU.

Lou Spiden said...

WOW these are just beautiful :) Think I need some of those sets now!

Sue Ann said...

FANTASTIC note cards ....... I love how you used the All Booked Up set. I know these were appreciated!!! LOVE!!!

Ingrid Danvers said...

What a great set of notecards. Great idea!! Maybe I'll use this idea for my girls' teachers.

Rhonda said...

What a wonderful idea. The personalization for each teacher is perfect.

Karen M said...

These are fabulous! What a super idea. I just heard a report on the radio about how teachers prefer something handmade and different, so your son's teachers will definitely love these xx

Leigh Penner said...

Oh, these are so wonderful!! The last one for the art teacher is my favourite. They are all going to love these!

Monica K. said...

Wow, these are awesome, Melissa! What a great set of cards, I love the simplicity, it works perfectly for notecards. I'll have to bookmark this and save this idea for Christmas presents! Love it!

Rebecca Geile said...

I love this idea! You did a great job with the themes.

Joyce said...

These note cards are so thoughtful and beautiful. I know all the teachers will appreciate them. It's great how they are personalized to the appropriate subject.

Jen Adcock said...

These are so amazing! What a heartfelt, crazy beautiful compilation of cards. So lovely and very thoughtful.

Mara Campbell said...

All of your card sets are so awesome. I love how each one is personalized for the teacher, that is just so thoughtful. I'm sure they are so appreciated as i'm sure you appreciate all the great teachers. Great projects!

Cheryl said...

Love these! I especially like the one with the balls--I wouldn't have thought to make notecards for the male teachers--why, I don't know. I also love that you used All Booked Up. Great work.

Susan said...

Melissa, I LOVE these! What a terrific idea.

LittleSurferGirl said...

Wow, Melissa! These are amazing! How many notecards did you include in each set? I really wanted to do something more for Katie's teachers, but a card with an easy way out gift card was all I could do. I can't believe all you did for ALL the teachers, not just your sons! The PTA must love you!

DF said...

These are super awesome!!! I love each and every one. A CAS note set is so appreciated, and all the more because this reflects the people you gave them to. They are all great, but my favourite are the music one, sports one (the masking is perfect), and the paintbrushes. All around fabulous!

Gina said...

Melissa, these are *wonderful*!!!! I especially love the art teacher's set. Are those flat note cards or are they folded? This is such a wonderful, wonderful idea!!